A Nurse Delivered Her Own Baby Outside The Hospital Where She Works

As if giving birth while surrounded by caring medical professionals isn't already hard enough, one nurse delivered her own baby in her car outside the hospital where she works.
Pennsylvania resident Katie Michael and her husband, George Michael, were on their way to Pinnacle Health in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — the hospital where Katie works — when her water broke while in the car. Unfortunately, the couple was stuck in rush hour traffic. The baby started crowning just as they pulled up to the hospital, and Katie was forced to deliver in the car instead of the hospital room where she planned to give birth.
"I knew she was going to be born in the car because she started coming out," Katie told Fox affiliate WPMT-TV.
Once they were parked, her husband left and ran into the hospital to try and get help. Meanwhile, Katie gave birth solo.
"I didn't know what was actually happening. Usually, you have a baby in a hospital, not in the car," George told WPMT-TV.
While Katie works in many different units at Pinnacle Health, labor and delivery hadn't previously been one of them.
"We were joking that I can add L&D now because I was my own L&D nurse," she told WPMT-TV. She definitely can prove that she knows a thing or two about delivering a baby, especially in unexpected circumstances.
Ella Katherine Michael, their baby girl, is happy and healthy, according to her parents. They'll definitely have a great story to tell on Ella's future birthdays.
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