Why Armpits Are Having A Major Beauty Moment Right Now

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
Unless you subscribe to a certain fetish, armpits are not, and never have been, anything to write home about. The amount of time we consciously spend thinking about the dark, warm area under our arms is generally limited — it’s just that, with the exception of washing, shaving, applying deodorant, or being forced to defend your personal decision not to shave or apply deodorant, very little goes on under there. If the body is a wonderland, then the armpits are a very quiet, very unassuming neighborhood on the outskirts of town.
But armpits, as it were, are having a bit of a beauty moment — hot on the heels of the rise of vagina beauty, another long-awaited venture into formerly unchartered territory — with a new emphasis on both their health and appearance. There’s a growing trend of not only ditching traditional chemical-laced deodorants, but trading out the unappealing, ineffective versions that line the shelves of second-rate health-food stores for ones that wouldn’t seem out of place in the Instagram feed of the coolest — but not necessarily most health-conscious — person you know.
The come-up of the underarm is not strictly limited to matters of deodorizing, either: This is about armpits that look better and smell better, that have been detoxed and primed, and are ready to take on the world... or just go back to hiding under your sweater. But no matter what you choose to do with yours (and it is, after all, your choice), the humble human armpit is no longer an afterthought. Put your hands up for the products that are making it possible.

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