This Halloween Costume Is A Starbucks Barista's Worst Nightmare

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
A lot of scary stuff went down in 2017, but for many Starbucks baristas, the most distressing event was the introduction of the Unicorn Frappuccino. So, on the day set aside each year to celebrate fear, of course, someone paid homage to this drink and the horror it struck in the hearts of baristas all across the country.
For the past few weeks, there has been a Halloween photo contest happening on the /r/pics subreddit, and in the comment section of the contest's post, commenters have been submitting photos of their costumes, decorations, jock-o'-lanterns, and more. While browsing through the impressive photos, we found one that stuck out for how clever and creepy it was. A Redditor named See_Double_You left a comment that read, "My friend's Starbucks Horror Halloween Costume," and attached a link to the photo that almost had us screaming.
The picture shows a woman in a black shirt, pants, and shoes. Over the outfit, she's wearing that iconic green Starbucks barista apron and a black Starbucks hat. Splattered across the apron, hat, and even her face are fluorescent pink, purple, and blue streaks. Last but not least, she's struggling to carry eight Starbucks cups full of the now infamous Unicorn Frappuccino. Take a look:
In addition to the detailed barista costume — she's got everything down to a name tag that says, "Stephanie" — the woman has the perfect facial expression for this sad character she's playing. She looks like a zombie version of a barista, which many baristas can attest is exactly what they felt like when the Unicorn Frappuccinos were available for that short period this past spring. You do remember that one barista's epic anti-unicorn rant, right?
The photo was also posted in the /r/Starbucks subreddit, which is a section of Reddit that's frequented by many real-life baristas. According to them, this costume is spot on. One user wrote, "Nailed it!" and another commented, "Not sure if I should run away or give the barista a big hug to cry it out." Clearly, this Starbucks Halloween costume hits so close to home it's spooky!
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