This Girl's Halloween Costume Is A Savage Shoutout To All Her Exes

If you're still scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume, take some inspiration from 19-year-old Haleigh Connor, whose costume not only took just ten minutes to put together, it also savagely calls out all her exes.
And if the costume didn't do the trick, Connor even tagged their Instagram accounts in a photo of herself wearing it. On Saturday, she posted a photo of herself in a shirt dress with the word "COMMITMENT" painted across the chest, captioning it, "scariest thing I could think of #shoutouttomyexes."
She even took a screenshot of the Instagram post and put it on Twitter, writing, "happy halloween to everyone except my exes!!!!!!!"
Connor, who is currently attending the University of Minnesota, tells Refinery29 that she's been brainstorming the costume since early October.
"My friends and I joke about all the boys I dated in middle school so I thought being commitment would be funny and also 'scary,'" she says.
The idea to post it and tag her exes, however, didn't come until later.
"It wasn’t until Wednesday that I decided to tag all of my exes," she tells us. "I said I wanted to tag just my serious relationships but my friends thought it would be funnier if I tagged all the boys I dated in elementary/middle school too."
Since posting the photo, a few of her exes have reached out to her.
"Most of them think it’s funny and have gotten some new followers from this," Connor says. "Some of them are even getting DMs from random people asking why we broke up."
However, some have reached out to ask if she was okay after seeing the slut-shaming comments people have sent her.
"People are commenting on how many exes I have, or calling me a thot/hoe," she says, though she adds that others have been more receptive.
"The people that have been positive and kind have impacted me in a way that far out weighs all of those that have said mean or degrading things to me."
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