This Woman Tweeted A Photo Of Her Ex's Tinder Profile & It Went Downhill Fast

Remaining friends with an ex can be treacherous territory for some of us, but what happens when one person is under the impression that everything is good, while the other person decidedly disagrees?
Last week, 20-year-old Brianna Boyce came across her ex-boyfriend on Tinder, and decided to take a screenshot of his profile — because the funny thing was, both of their profile photos were cropped versions of a photo that they had taken together.
She posted screenshots of both their profiles side-by-side and posted them to Twitter, writing, "when u find ur ex on Tinder (we're friends so no hard feelings)."
The photos went viral as people started to like and retweet her post — until her ex himself came across the tweet.
Her ex, Adrian, apparently had a few things to say.
He retweeted her post, commenting, "We broke up because you always lied and wanted your ex back (We're not friends)."
Suffice to say, Twitter was eating up the drama.
Boyce, however, told that she doesn't know why Adrian reacted the way he did, and says that they really are friends.
"We were friends before all of this happened, so I thought he would think it was funny, just like I did," she told Cosmo.
"I'm not perfect, but neither was he," she added. "We both had insecurities and faults in the relationship and that is ultimately what caused the break up. I would never publicly blast him on anything he did wrong in our relationship and I still won't."
However, it looks like the two have buried the hatchet since this Twitter spat. Boyce told Cosmo that she had gone over to his house, and he apologized for his response (though he did still pin the tweet in which he lashed out so that it would be the first tweet to show up on his profile).
"He said he shouldn't have said it and he felt bad," Boyce told Cosmo. "He said he'd delete it once everything settled down, but there's no point if it's already gone viral. I appreciated the apology but doesn't change the fact that I felt completely disrespected. Regardless, I know who I am and what happened in our relationship."
Boyce, on the other hand, is just doing her own thing, as maturely as possible.
"Whether he considers me a friend or not, I'll probably still be a friend to him even after this, because there's no point in holding grudges," she told Cosmo.
Refinery29 has reached out to Boyce for comment, and will update this article when we receive a response.
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