This Girl Went As "Target Lady" For Halloween & It Was Everything

Photo: Courtesy of Kerry Cunningham.
Vermont is the very last U.S. state without a Target — although that will change in early 2018, when a "small-format" version of the store opens up in South Burlington.
Kerry Cunningham thinks this might be part of the reason her Halloween costume went over so well. Dressed as Kristen Wiig's Target Lady character from Saturday Night Live, the Champlain College student in Burlington, VT, was a hit at her school's Halloween party.
"I almost won best costume!" Cunningham tells Refinery29. "But a kid wearing an Olympics uniform won, and he honestly deserved it. His dance moves were killer." Winner or not, her vest and bangs were totally spot-on.
Cunningham is a writing major and one of the two editors-in-chief at Chivomengro, a monthly collegiate online nonfiction and satire magazine. She says Kristen Wiig has been one of her idols ever since she started watching SNL in middle school, "so being one of her characters was something I knew I really wanted to do. I just happen to be able to do that voice sort of well!"
She does sound a lot like Wiig in the video she posted on Twitter, which you can watch below. She says: "Hey! Welcome to Target! One time, these boys left this bag of feces on my doorstep! And...they left it! They must've forgotten it!"
If you haven't brushed up on your Target Lady in a while, Wiig really does say something like that in an episode: "Someone left a bag of feces on my doorstep once. It was Halloween and they rang the bell but when I got there they were gone but they left their feces bag! They must have forgotten it! I put it in my garden but it didn't help any of my plants, I think because it came from a person. I'm sure this will work because this manure came from a chicken!!"
We didn't think anybody could be more excited about Target than Target Lady, but in Cunningham, we've found a close runner-up. We're glad she'll be able to go on #TargetRuns now that the big-box store is opening up near her school.
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