Regular Marijuana Users Might Be Having More Sex

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It's been suggested that weed can increase your sex drive, so it's not too surprising that a new study has linked regular marijuana usage with more frequent sex.
The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that people who smoke more weed also have more sex than those who smoke less often, or those who abstain.
Researchers looked at data from the US government's National Survey of Family Growth, an annual CDC survey that asked more than 50,000 people about how often they had smoked and how often they had sex in the four weeks leading up to the survey.
Women who consumed marijuana daily had sex an average of 7.1 times a month, while those who didn't use marijuana at all had sex an average of six times a month. The results were similar for men: Those who smoked weed daily had sex about 6.9 times a month, while those who didn't had sex an average of 5.6 times a month.
"Usually, people assume the more frequently you smoke, the worse it could be when it came to sex, but in fact, we learned the opposite was true," Michael Eisenberg, author of the study, told CNN.
What also was surprising, he said, was that the results were pretty uniform.
"We were surprised to see the positive association between users," he told CNN. "This was across the board: marital status, race, none of that mattered."
The study only looked at heterosexual sexual encounters, and it isn't clear whether marijuana caused more frequent sex or was an effect of it, but Eisenberg said that it gives some insight into how weed could affect your sex life.
"One question my patients always have is will smoking marijuana frequently negatively impact my sexual function?" he told NPR. "We don't want people to smoke to improve sexual function, but it probably doesn't hurt things."
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