GLOW's Kate Nash Had The Perfect Burn For Her Haters

Actress and singer Kate Nash has been around for a while. Her first single, "Caroline's A Victim" dropped in 2007, followed closely by her album Made of Bricks, which featured hits "Foundations" and "Mouthwash." In the decade that followed, Nash released two more albums, My Best Friend Is You and Girl Talk, launched the Rock 'N' Roll for Girls After School Music Club, became the Global Ambassador for Plan International's "Because I Am A Girl" initiative, and starred in Netflix series GLOW.
I presented you with all of this information to prove that Nash is very much a relevant, working force in the music and entertainment world, something that BuzzFeed UK definitely seemed to forget when it published the list, "33 Singers That Only Exist In The Memories Of British Millennials."
Nash, who again, definitely exists in the real world, caught wind of the list and fired back in a series of tweets, accusing BuzzFeed of "bullying."
"It says a lot about what people are being told to value. But it's v old fashioned," she continued in a thread. "Plus it is not a real reflection of how millennials think Nor my career. I just think this media tone is actually very dangerous....Not only is it rude, it doesn’t reflect the truth and seems irrelevant and out of touch."
Then, Nash emphasized how dangerous these supposedly light-hearted posts can be to the artists it seems to poke fun at, who could be struggling, "Mentally, financially, emotionally, physically."
"With all the talk of mental health recently & the amount of mental health issues within the artist community I don’t think this contribution from BuzzFeed or any other media outlet is useful or interesting," she continued in another thread. "It could hurt unstable people & with what is going on in the world Politically & environmentally u should really get a grip & hold yourselves accountable for the positive change we all want to see @BuzzFeed."
She later made another great point about how the music industry "disposed of artists," adding that it's "a difficult career to maintain."
She concluded the thread by sending an inspirational message to artists who might be having a difficult time.
"I'll happily talk to anyone about failures & struggles with the industry w no shame. I'm proud of my work & how I've handled my challenges," she said in a series of tweets. "And if you're someone that is close to the edge/giving up on yourself then I hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that pretty much Everyone goes through dark times/bullying/being screwed over/losing. Never give up on yourself, you are way stronger than u think."

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