Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: The Truth

We begin with Darla, who's talking to Ralph Angel while he does some yard work. The two seem to be finally finding a groove as an almost married couple, talking about their schedule picking up Blue and the dinner Aunt Violet is hosting for Darla and her parents when they get to town. He also adds that, despite Darla's protests, he's going to pick up a few extra shifts at the construction site to help with things financially.
Remy suggests that he and Charley celebrate the success of the Brown Sugar festival with dinner and a little, um, dessert, but then Charley playfully asks what he has in mind, and he says he doesn't know yet, but he's "getting there slowly but surely." That's when I realize: These two haven't slept together yet! I guess all this time I had just assumed, especially since there have been some scenes of the two late at night, but it's sweet that they're taking their time, especially because Remy is being open about the fact that he's still getting over the death of his ex-wife.
Violet finally get a diagnoses for her symptoms lately: She has lupus, a disease particularly common in Black women. She's, understandably very upset, so when she gets home, she tearfully gives Darla a call and tells her she had a mix-up with her pie orders, so she's not going to be able to host her parents for dinner. But, she offers to gift her some take out from the High Yellow instead. This makes Darla nervous, but it's clear Violet just isn't in the headspace to host a big dinner right now after the news she just got. I hope she'll tell the family soon...
Nova is explaining to her homegirl Ciara why things didn't work out with Robert: Because he wanted her to be someone she isn't. And then, wouldn't you know it, her old lover Calvin walks in to the restaurants and gives her some serious sexy eyes from across the room, and I am swooning for her. He leaves, but not without first asking if he can call her later. (I know he was married, and they have cultural differences and all that, but I think it's worth pointing out here that Calvin never wanted to be someone she wasn't...)
Charley and Nova head over to Ralph's house, where they're preparing for Darla's parents to arrive. Ralph tells the girls that he ended up making a little bit of a profit from the farm after all, and that little extra money will help them have the wedding they actually want. The sisters do their best to give a polite smile. Then they turn on Luther Vandross "Never Too Much" (one of almost every Black person's favorite jams of all time!) and dance to celebrate, with Blue being adorable per usual.
Blue's getting dressed and pulls out a bowtie, telling his dad he wants Darla's parents to like him. He's never had a grandmother before, just a Papa. And then Darlene and Quincy arrive, played by some familiar faces: Michael Michele and Roger Guenveur Smith, a perfect casting to play Darla's gorgeous, kind, but bougie parents. It's obviously very emotional and tense, but Blue lightens things up by giving his grandmother and grandfather a hug.
Darla's father Quincy wastes no time talking about how impressive Charley and Nova each are because of all their accomplishments. Charley makes sure to mention that Darla has been a big part of that, and when her dad throws a little bit more shade, Ralph Angel stands up for his woman, reminding her father that she had to rebuild her life from the ground up, which is also impressive. Things are definitely awkward at this dinner table, but the food sure looks good!
Darlene asks Violet if she thinks Blue has been affected by everything that's gone down with his mother. Violet reassures her that Blue has grown up with nothing but love, and then she thanks Darlene for the monthly checks she sent to help with Blue. Iiiiinteresting...I didn't realize that Darla's parents were helping out financially, to an extent.
Remy shows up at Charley's and she's wearing that silky booty call robe so many of us have in our homes. (Oh, come on. I know it can't just be me!) It's not long before it all comes off, and Remy tells Charley he believes in forever, so he wants her in his. That's a wee bit of a mood killer, and Charley decides now is the time to really talk about things. "I'm not sure that we're on the same page," she says. Those words are never good. They get to talking and realize Remy might want marriage and kids; Charley is not so sure, especially since she's just out of a marriage and never really thought about having more kids after Micah. (Unintentional, but timely on Queen Sugar's part, considering the interesting conversations surrounding The Real co-host Jeannie Mai this week, who confirmed she and her husband are separating because he wants kids and she doesn't.) Later, the couple is having coffee and decides to take their time figuring out their next steps.
Over at Nova's house, guess who comes knocking on the door? Calvin, of course. He tells her he thought he had moved on, until he saw her. He wants to know what they can do to stop trying to fight the love between them and admits that he always did everything everyone else wanted him to do — get married, have kids — but being with Nova was the first time he was ever really able to be himself. She is his choice, he says. And he loves her. "For you I'm freedom," she tells him. "But for me, you're prison. I can't be all of myself with you. I can't fight for my people all day and then come home and have to explain it. I can't cry over brothers slain by cops and no one ever pays, and then come home to a cop." And just like that, Nova is saying goodbye to another man. In both instances, it seems like she's putting her passion and her fight for her people above finding love. I hope she doesn't one day regret that.
Darla and her mother Darlene are having a heart to heart. Darla accuses her mother of ignoring her even though she's reached out to say that she's clean, but her mother reminds her there have been plenty of times where she was lying. "Don't act as if we've shunned you," she says. "That's how it felt," Darla responds. Her mother then asks if she's ever considered how they felt when their daughter called them high and crying. "You almost broke us," she tells her daughter. Darla takes responsibility for what she's done, and tells her that now that she's a mother herself, she can feel her heartbreak. Oh. My. Gosh. I get real teary eyed here, because this is one of the most honest conversations I've seen on television about drug addiction and the affect it can have on families. And the acting here is phenomenal.
Darla also approaches her father to make amends, and her father is a bit more stoic, and points out that she also needs to make amends with Ralph Angel, too. Huh? I didn't see this one coming at all. But Darla approaches RA to have a talk, and then she drops the bomb of all bombs, perhaps the biggest bomb on this show yet. Early in their relationship, Darla slept with someone else. And there's a chance that...Blue might not be Ralph Angel's son. GASP! I am just as shocked as Ralph Angel is, I swear. (Although, from a casting perspective, Blue has always looked a little light-skinned to be Ralph Angel's son...) But wow! How could Darla have held this secret in this whole time?! And the fact that her parents knew, and Ralph didn't? And all the things Ralph has done and sacrificed for her and Blue all these years...My mind is racing!
Chile. Things are bout to get real interesting. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. Until next week...

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