10 Dream Jobs For Millennials Seeking Lower Stress & Good Pay

Photographed by Anna Alexia Basile.
With the student loan grace period ending this month, millions of Americans will take on the task of repaying what they have borrowed for school. Others may be gearing up for the (expensive) end-of-year rush, and reassessing their careers — and their paychecks.
Doing what you love and getting paid what you need to live shouldn't be mutually exclusive. But with wage growth in the U.S. remaining stagnant, those who are plotting their next career move or transition might want to look into a few specific fields.
U.S. News just released its 2017 rankings of the 10 best jobs for millennials (with a nod to the best-paying jobs) is a good place to look for inspiration. They arrived at the following list by asking more than 1,000 millennials in a survey to rank nine job traits that mattered most to them: Salary topped the list, followed by work-life balance, stress level, upward mobility, future job prospects, projected job growth percentage, unemployment rate, projected job growth volume, and the share of millennial workers.
U.S. News then matched those results to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the best fit for those preferences. "The new list reflects the priorities of salary, work-life balance and low stress level, and takes into account the percentage of people ages 20 through 34 who work in the field as well as the degree to which each job offers upward mobility to young professionals," writes U.S. News staff writer Rebecca Koenig. "None of the jobs requires more than a bachelor's degree."
Read on for the top 10 jobs and what each involves.

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