Amber Tamblyn Proves It's Possible To Be Both A Proud Feminist & A Wife

Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic.
Ever since comedian David Cross was called out for racist acts on Twitter by fellow comedian Charlyne Yi, people have not only demanded answers from him, but also his wife, Amber Tamblyn. Cross apologized for the incident, which he says he does not remember, in a series of tweets, and later Tamblyn also took to the platform, writing "I spoke to Charlyne. I believe her."
While she's frustrated that people are holding her accountable for the actions of her husband, she did elaborate on her feelings over on Refinery29's own Facebook Live, and is setting an example we can all learn from.
"This is a teachable moment, right?" she told us. "This is a come-to-Jesus, teachable moment for my husband."
Specifically, she wants the world to know that her being a feminist and believing women doesn't clash with her feelings for Cross.
She stresses that the two things aren't mutually exclusive, and that she "can love him through this moment, and this period of growth for him, and this understanding of what he did at that time, and I can also at the same time completely believe Charlyne and give her my love and say 'If there's anything I can do for you at all, please tell me. I'm here for you.'"
And that's exactly what she said to Yi when she reached out privately.
"I think she's awesome, and I believe her," Tamblyn said. "As hard and painful as that is, I believe it."
And she's clear that, in no uncertain terms, what happened between Cross and Yi is worth talking about.
"The feminist in me is always going to align and always going to support [women] no matter how painful it is," she added. "I love David, I know he's not a racist. I absolutely know he committed a racist act. What he did was racist, and that's on him."
As a feminist and as a wife, she supports her husband, but also hopes that he learns from his previous shameful remark. While backlash is deserved, it could also lead to positive change.
Watch the full interview below:

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