Maisie Williams Basically Has A Digital Direwolf

Photo: GP Images/WireImage.
Maisie Williams has a new pet, and it's even more demanding than Arya Stark's direwolf, Nymeria. What kind of pet is it? Here's a few hints: it grows in an egg, it chirps incessantly, and demands so much of your attention. You basically need to have this thing on your person at all times, otherwise it poops all over itself. That's right, Williams is the new owner of a Tamagotchi.
Those of us of a certain age remember having dozens of these things dangling from our backpacks or key rings. Teachers in school bemoaned the toy — they beeped constantly and kids played with them while they should have been paying attention. Consider it the harbinger of what was to come: the smartphone, nemesis of teachers everywhere.
Tamagotchis are also famously impossible to take care of. The little creature requires lavish attention, lest it go hungry, and begins chirping until you feed it. If you neglect it, it will shit everywhere and become depressed, and eventually depart from this digital mortal coil. To own a Tamagotchi is to constantly find yourself under pressure to keep it happy.
Williams also added a poll to her Twitter, asking her followers for help picking out a name. Pablo, Keith, Sebastian, and Earl are the choices; we liked Earl the best. She also tweeted a photo captioned "lazy morning, in the bed with my son." Williams further wondered "when is my babygotchi gonna grow up? And how do I make sure he doesn't grow up into one of the ugly shaped tamagotchi's [sic]?" Evidently, she's decided that her Tamagotchi is assigned male at egg hatching. Don't talk to her or her son ever again.

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