Urban Outfitters Just Launched An Adorable Line Of Food-Centric Tees

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Urban Outfitters has teamed up with food and travel media platform That Food Cray !!! to launch a clothing line called "Drop It Like It's Hot" Season 1, and every foodie will want a piece from it. The line, which we learned about from Food & Wine, features five graphic tees and a tote bag.
The t-shirts are the perfect gift for both food lovers and pop culture addicts because each of the hand-drawn designs has a hilarious food pun combined with a reference to a pop or rap song. Along with the punny caption, the tees also have a cute food illustration. One of our favorite shirts in the collection features two anthropomorphized olives side-by-side, looking lovingly into one another's eyes and says, "'Cause olive me loves olive you," a twist on John Legend's "All Of Me," of course.
In her post about the new t-shirt and accessory line, That Food Cray co-founder Nicole Fung explained why they chose to incorporate music and food puns into the designs. She wrote, "Nothing brings people together quite like laughs and great food. That Food Cray !!! is all those things rolled into one !!! If you’ve followed us from the beginning, it all began as an Instagram account that drew heavy inspiration from music and hip-hop. It would soon become a huge phenomenon with a passionate community of people sharing tasty AF things and demystifying food from around the world."
The combination of food and fashion is having a major moment right now. Most recently, we fell in love with Taco Bell's line for Forever 21, which launched last week. The Food Cray !!! and Urban Outfitters are joining in on that trend. Each tee in the collection is unisex and come in a range of sizes from small to extra large. Every item in the line is available on the Urban Outfitters website and in stores.
Take a look ahead to see the entire That Food Cray !!! "Drop It Like It's Hot" Season 1 collection for Urban Outfitters.

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