Police Just Captured A Bull On The Loose In Brooklyn & We're Living For The Twitter Reactions

This morning, a bull (earlier thought to be a cow) on the loose in Brooklyn gave Twitter a welcome diversion from snarking on the usual world-is-burning news. The NYPD eventually announced that it captured the bull, which was roaming around Prospect Park, blissfully unaware of having been subtweeted thousands of times. (Although in its few short hours of fame, it has managed to gain not one, but two, parody Twitter accounts, @BrooklynBovine and @BrooklynCow.)
Animal officials tranquilized the bull, according to ABC 7, and many people are pleading that he doesn't go to the slaughterhouse. As of now, his fate is uncertain. There's no word on where or how he escaped. FDNY officials told ABC 7 that the bull had knocked over a child in a stroller, and the child was taken to a nearby hospital.
Videos of the NYPD trying to catch the bull show that it was not backing down.
Naturally, New Yorkers lauded its rebellious, can-do spirit.
Many people said that they observed the bull, and took pictures.
"Cow Twitter" was the best Twitter this morning. There were good tweets. Inspired tweets. Tweets that kept hundreds of writers from filing stories on deadline and hundreds of reporters from the bleakness of the news. But it was very, very worth it.
The bull became a metaphor for anything people wanted it to be.
There were puns.
There was wistful reminiscing about llamas on the loose.
This about sums it all up:

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