People Want This Blogger To Stop Trying To Make Peanut Butter Slices Happen

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Usually, the internet goes wild for any kind of food hack, but recently, a blogger posted one that people just really don’t understand, and because of that, they're giving it a mix of harsh and hilarious reviews.
In a video posted to Food Network's Facebook page late last month, blogger Bev Weidner walks her audience through what the Facebook post called a "brilliant peanut butter hack." The video, which we found thanks to GrubStreet, opens with Weidner saying, "There's this whole convenience thing with sandwiches. You know, little slices of meat, slices of cheese, Pickle slices!" Then, the blogger comes in with a question that has most likely never been asked before. She asks, "Well, why aren't there peanut butter slices?" At this point in the video, across the screen is written, "PB slices = No more torn bread."
From there, Bev Weidner teaches us all how to make peanut butter slices by smearing three "dollopies" onto a piece of parchment paper, using a rolling pin to spread it out evenly, and then throwing it in freezer over night. When it's frozen, Weidner says all you have to do is cut the block of peanut butter into squares the size of bread slices with kitchen sheers, and voila peanut butter slices that are sandwich-ready.
Bev Weidner's homemade peanut butter slices are apparently meant to make preparing peanut butter sandwiches easier, but it seems many Facebook users don't see what's so hard about making a PB sandwich to begin with. Although the video has been shared an impressive 47,162 times and liked over 40,000 times, a lot of commenters are weighing in to let Weidner know that a hack is totally unnecessary because the dish is already so utterly simple.
Aside from simply posting about how needless the "hack" is, some users were a little more brutal with their comments. Many posted to share sarcastic suggestions for ridiculous hacks or recipes that had us laughing out loud.
To be fair, you never can tell which food hacks are going to be well-received and which are going to be ridiculed to no end. Just a few weeks ago, Twitter freaked out over the ingenuity of putting a colander inside a pot of boiled pasta to strain it, which honestly, also seems unnecessary since the classic way of using a colander works perfectly fine. Because of surprises like that, we've learned not to put down anyone who tries to bring innovations to our kitchens, but we will laugh at the funny things people comment on their videos.
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