We Finally Know More About The Game Of Thrones Prequels

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Hello yes, HBO? Can you hear me? It's me, Meagan, a huge Game of Thrones and a Song of Ice and Fire fan, and I'm going to need more details about the five Game of Thrones prequel shows currently in development. What's that? The old Game of Thrones can't come to the phone right now? Because it's dead? No, there's still one season left and I will wait patiently for it, even if I have to wait until 2019.
Instead, we only have crumbs of information about the upcoming Game of Thrones prequels, but it's still better than nothing. We know that there are five shows being written, but whether all five make it to the small screen remains to be seen. HBO boss Richard Plepler is keenly aware of the pressure he faces in choosing the best follow-up to the hugely successful show. "...It’s a fantastic group of writers and talent, most of whom have lived inside the Thrones eco-system so are very, very familiar with its intricacies," he tells Variety.
"I think we will find with this embarrassment of [writing] riches an exciting property for us to moves forward with. We are looking some things, I have read a couple of early bibles and I’m excited about what I’ve seen," Plepler continues. Does that mean all five shows are going to be filmed? The prospect of five Game of Thrones prequels fills me with glee, because there is so much material to work with.
HBO, if you're still on the line, I have some ideas for the prequels. An historical period drama about the Valyrian Empire, ending with the Doom. A gal pal comedy series centered around the Shadowbinders of Asshai, because I get the feeling they laugh even less than Jon Snow, but you know they gossip. A DIY home renovation show starring Bran the Builder. Cooking up poisons with Chef Olenna Tyrell. And can we please get a romcom about young Eddark Stark and Catelyn Tully? Young Robert Baratheon would be an excellent dopey sidekick.
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