Facebook's Newest Feature Lets Users Order Food

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Facebook has always been about bringing people together (whether that's good or bad is your call), but its latest release involves bringing restaurants and delivery services together so that users can order food right on the app.
In a press release, the social media giant says that its new Order Food service, which users can find right on the explore page, brings together national restaurant chains, local spots, and the most popular delivery services for an – ahem – seamless user experience.
Order Food will combine delivery services "EatStreet, Delivery.com, DoorDash, ChowNow, and Olo," together with "restaurants like Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Papa John's, and Panera" for a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing food-ordering super service. And since Facebook is all about friends, Order Food will also integrate reviews from friends and offer up recommendations.
To use the new service, users just need to tap on the Order Food feature on the Explore page. From there, various food options will appear for prospective diners. Depending on the restaurant, various delivery services will appear and Facebook users choose whichever one they want to use or opt to pick up the food themselves. Facebook says that it has been working on the new feature for over a year and will continue to add more and more restaurants and delivery partners as Order Food expands. The new addition works on all of Facebook's platforms, too, so ordering via mobile (both iOS and Android) and desktop is all available.
Facebook hopes to make the whole experience as smooth as possible. During the ordering process, users don't even need to leave the app to use Delivery.com or other options. It's all handled within Facebook. Order Food will even register new users within the app, making it almost too easy to get food delivered to your door. Facebook won't be making any more cash off the new venture. Users won't be charged any additional fees through Order Food and the network won't be making any commission from the orders, either.
TechCrunch adds that Order Food is the latest feature that Facebook's rolled out to keep eyes on its own platform. Weather, fundraisers, job listings, and even movie times and games are all integrated. Facebook is hoping to be a complete one-stop site for everyone, whether people are looking for pizza or looking for a new job. World domination — which it's pretty close to at this point — is sure to be next.

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