Gordon Ramsay Just Got Tricked Into Roasting Lady Gaga's Baking Abilities

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to roasting people for their cooking, even celebrities. But the British chef might have gotten more than he bargained for with a recent tweet that accidentally took aim at a cake that was (at least partially baked) by the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.
How did the notoriously honest British chef potentially put himself in the crosshairs of her little monsters? It all started way back in August of 2016 when power twins Samantha and Charlotte Ronson celebrated their 39 birthday with friends (don't worry, this all snakes back to Gaga eventually).
As part of the party, a homemade layer cake with some severe stability issues was baked by one of their friends, identified only by their Instagram handle, @m_srisuwsan, and then rescued thanks to some "Cake 911" by Lady Gaga.
What exactly "Cake 911" means is unspecified, though we imagine that providing some architectural support, via icing or other means, to the cake. She was clearly proud enough of her work (or excited enough about the Ronson twins birthday) to share the image in the lower right-hand corner of Samantha's Instagram full-sized on her feed.

Happy Birthday to my Ronson girls!!!! ????@samantharonson @cjronson #HappyBirthday

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on

All of this would have simply remained a pleasant memory for all involved, but a Twitter user resurrected the disaster-piece and got the attention of Chef Ramsay with it.
The exchange, first noticed by Buzzfeed, started when a Gaga super fan named Anthony tweeted a picture of the leaning dessert, asking him, "I made a cake for my sister, what do you think?" Ramsay responded, quipping, "How to make your sister cry on her birthday! Bake her a mess !!!!!"
The tweet remains up, in spite a few debunkers replying with pictures of Gaga with the cake. The Twitter user and cake photo resurrector, who is an admin on Lady Gaga's official fan app, Little Monsters, seemed surprised that his tweet got an honest reaction. "[T]hat makes it so much funnier," he responded to one such corrective tweet, employing the universal internet sign for "I'm verklempt," a series of nonsense letters, "fjdkdkdk."
So far, responses to the roasting are similar to Anthony's amusement, with no one coming for Ramsay. However, as we know, Gaga's fans are devoted — they have their own app, after all! Could Ramsay have finally met his match if they mobilize against him for mocking a cake touched by Gaga herself?
Based on the pictures, we can neither confirm nor deny whether anyone actually cried, as Ramsay suggested, when looking at the cake. Social media evidence, however, seems to imply that no tears were shed at the sight of it. More on this breaking news as it happens.
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