Gordon Ramsay Is Giving SAVAGE Food Reviews On Twitter

I love Gordon Ramsay so much, but I would never want his feedback on anything I cooked. I'm already critical enough of my kitchen skills without him screaming "Where's the lambs sauce?" But it seems that a lot of people actually seek out Chef Ramsay's input on their meals and even Tweet images of their dishes to him. If you've ever seen even one Gordon Ramsay television appearance, you know to expect a harsh response. Recently Mashable pointed out a few particularly savage Twitter food reviews from the celebrity chef, and they're hilarious. Be warned though, you might cringe for those poor home cooks who are being obliterated. Take a look at these exchanges.
So yes, that feedback was totally savage, but he's not always so tough. He is definitely critical if your food is dumb or if he senses that you want a piece of his signature brutality. But he seems to have an encouraging and kind side too, which he also demonstrates with the occasional tweet.
So I think we can all agree that deep down Gordon Ramsay is really just a good guy who just happens to have some very clever burns.

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