Celebrate Friday 13 With This New Stranger Things Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Today is Friday the 13th, which means there might be a few of you out there who are way too superstitious to even set foot outside. If, this Friday, you’ve elected to stay in bed and avoid the potential evils of the world, at least there’s one thing to occupy your extra time. This morning, Netflix released the final trailer for the second season of Stranger Things, so you can lay back, relax, and watch the 2-minute and 48-second video on repeat to get you through the day.
Though watching the trailer over and over is definitely a safe and entertaining way to spend your time this Friday 13, we do have to warn you, the compilation of moments from the show's much-anticipated second season will most likely freak you out — especially if you’re someone who was too afraid to even leave the house today. But, really, isn’t that the best part about this Netflix original series?
The brand new trailer opens with sweet little Eleven walking through the woods and coming upon a snow-covered wooden chest containing her fave treat, Eggo Waffles. Next, the video cuts to a few Halloween-y shots, which is particularly fitting since the second season is coming to Netflix on October 31, and we hear a voice-over of one of the boys explaining, "On Halloween night, Will saw a sort of shadow." Then, we see it, the shadow monster, which looks like a terrifying octopus made of smoke floating in the sky.
The rest of the trailer seems to have an apocalyptic theme and features quotes like "Maybe all this is happening for a reason," "Don't you think it's weird how we only seem to hang out when the world's about to end?" and "It's judgement day." This final trailer also introduces us to a few new characters, including a red headed girl, who the boys seem to recruit for help in conquering the super scary monster, and even more importantly, we finally see Billy, aka "hair bae," in action. Oh, and Eleven is also shown with a curly new do.
Take a look:

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