The Hilarious Reason Why Allison Williams Won't Trade Lives With Marnie From Girls

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It's totally okay if Allison Williams' Girls character Marnie drove you a little nuts — that was kind of the point, after all. Marnie was the kind of person who seemed to have it all together, but ultimately would go on to sleep with her friend's very recent ex (oh, hey there, Ray) and release a humiliating cover video of Edie Brickwell's "What I Am." The consensus on Girls is that you actually shouldn't envy Marnie, even if her hair is perpetually shiny and her eyebrows flawless.
However, actress Williams has one more reason why you don't want Marnie's life: a quirk of her NYC apartment.
At a panel at Brit+Co’s #CreateGood! kick-off event on Wednesday, Williams revealed the real reason her Girls character should make women feel good about themselves. Mostly, it's because they don't have to shower in their own bedroom.
"Marnie had a shower in her bedroom, and that may make you feel good to not have one in your bedroom," Williams joked.
She also revealed to the audience at the Brit+Co event that playing Marnie helped her see what her 20s could have been like, had she not scored an acting gig right out of college:
"[Being on Girls allowed me to] play out a normal 20-something a very meta way," said the Get Out actress.
Back in February, Williams gave Today host Matt Lauer a reason why Marnie wasn't quite as well-adjusted as she was growing up: She simply didn't have Williams' parents, news anchor Brian Williams and TV producer Jane Stoddard Williams.
"My parents have been saying for years that they could have raised Marnie."
Well-adjusted or not, we certainly do miss you, Marnie — even if, mostly, because you made us feel a little bit more together.

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