This Free Stranger Things Mobile Game Is An Amazing Retro Distraction

Photo: Courtesy of BonusXP.
Stranger Things' producers know that fans are hungry for anything relating to their favorite Hawkins heroes, but not even the powers that be at Netflix will have the second season coming any earlier than its planned Halloween debut. Thankfully, there's a brand-new Stranger Things mobile game that's a sweet distraction to fill the weeks-long wait for those new episodes. Rolling Stone reports that the game borrows from the show's retro styling and the best part is it's 100% free.
Unlike other mobile games that lure players in with a free download and immediately bombard them with in-game purchases, Stranger Things: The Game is refreshingly devoid of that nonsense. Even though it's basically a promotional stunt, it'll never ask players for cash. According to Rolling Stone, it's also pretty well done. The game includes "seven playable characters, six dungeons to explore, and more than 30 quests to complete." It's just the thing to fill the Stranger Things-shaped hole in everyone's hearts until the end of the month.
Borrowing from arcade classics and low-bit console games in design and soundtrack, Stranger Things: The Game includes familiar surroundings, such as Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab, Jim Hopper's home, and the Upside Down. There are Eggo waffles to find, kiddos with special abilities — swing that bat, Nancy — and all the characters fans know and love. As the game progresses, players get more characters and dive deeper into the Stranger Things mythology.
Good news for completionists out there: The game is chock-full of waffles and gnomes, a VHS library to fill, and comes with its own set of milestones and achievements. But it's also got a planned update for October 27, so there'll be even more stuff to do down the road. There's a bonus for early adopters, too. Players will get the chance to see a special preview of season 2 in the app and maybe even get access to some special characters.
Excuse us while we put our phones on airplane mode until November 1.
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