Mila Kunis Said She Always “Tried To Be Perfect” As A Mom

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Here's a hot take: the moms of Bad Moms are actually good moms. As in, they're moms like the rest: just trying to do the best they can with the challenges of motherhood. The hit 2016 comedy film, which starred Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell, was a meant to poke fun at the idea that moms need to be perfect and "on" all the time. Kunis knows this pressure very well — she recently gave birth to her second child with husband Ashton Kutcher.
"The reason I did the first [Bad Moms movie] is because I related to the ideals that I put on myself. I tried to be so perfect," she told the Today Show. "I literally drove myself crazy with my first kid. It made me feel like, OK, you're not a failure."
She also talked about experiencing a deeper level of gratitude towards her own mother. "I have a whole other appreciation for what my mom does and did and how she truly feels about my brother and I. I don't think that's something I ever could have understood until I had kids of my own." It's safe to say that Mila's mom made huge sacrifices for their family. Mila was born in the Ukraine and emigrated to the United States when she was seven years old; the family was seeking more freedom to practice their Jewish faith.
I think 'Bad Moms' one and two bring that to light, what we truly go through for our kids and the pressure we as moms — we, as women — put on ourselves," she continues. Luckily, she doesn't have to shoulder that pressure all by herself. "I have the most incredible husband on the planet," Kunis says of Kutcher, who worked together on the set of That 70s Show. They married in 2015, to the delight of everyone who shipped them from the beginning.
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