13 Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Sam Smith Kissing 13 Reasons Why’s Brandon Flynn

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images.
Love blossoms in the most unexpected places, and we're always for celebrating l'amour wherever we can. And we're not the only ones: the internet is as broken as a cracked phone screen after photos of Sam Smith kissing Brandon Flynn went viral. The couple was spotted holding hands and making out in New York's Greenwich Village. The couple wore t-shirts, jeans, and matching tiny hoop earrings as they strolled down the street.
And Twitter lost it. Smith and Flynn are a couple that no one would have predicted, but look so adorable next to each other. Fans of Flynn's character Justin Foley on 13 Reasons Why had known that Flynn is a part of the LGBTQ community, after using the term "we" to express support for marriage equality in Australia on Instagram. Sam Smith publicly came out in 2014, and his music has revolved around his sexuality as a point of inspiration. Together, the two are the newest celebrity couple that we all are going to stake our own hopes and dreams on — no pressure on new lovebirds at all!
We rounded up some of the best reactions to their PDA photos, because love deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. Queer Twitter and 13 Reasons Why Twitter shrieked particularly loud over the cute shipping news.
You and us all!
Okay, but can the guy live?
Somebody put this on a needlepoint, stat.
We get it, this news is a lot to handle.
Is somebody reading our dream diary?
Why does Kermit always know how we feel?
Oh yes, we agree.
We'll also be shipping them as hard as we did with Mulder and Scully back in the '90s.
When the news hits you like a ton of bricks.
We are here, and we are staying here for SamDon.
We must protect their wholesome love at all costs.
This Twitter oracle predicts that Sam Smith will write a beautiful record about his new love, and we hope his prophecy comes true.

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