John Bradley Insists That Sam Tarly Didn’t Steal Gilly’s Thunder On GOT

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly on Game of Thrones, wants to clear up all that controversy over him taking credit for Gilly's (Hannah Murray) discovery. Back in season 7, Gilly was the one who read in the journal of the High Septon Maynard that Rhaegar Targaryen annulled his marriage to Elia Martell before marrying Lyanna Stark in a secret ceremony in Dorne, but when Sam relayed the news to Bran a few episodes later, he conveniently forgot to mention her. The internet went nuts, and if you thought Bradley was going to have a convincing reason for the omission, think again.
"Sam hasn’t consciously plagiarized Gilly’s idea there," he told the Huffington Post. "He’s not giving her the elbow. He’s not really necessary taking credit for someone else’s work because … Sam heard that because he’s so good at processing information now."
According to Bradley, Sam didn't even know he was taking Gilly's idea, because he's just like "a radio, and if there’s information in the air, he will pick it up, and he will store it whenever he needs it."
Things get more confusing from here. He says it's totally okay that Gilly didn't get credit for discovering the big plot twist because he never got credit for curing Jorah's (Iain Glen) greyscale.
"Jorah Mormont didn’t go back to Daenerys saying Samwell Tarly cured him of greyscale," Bradley continued. "He’s not gone back there name-checking Sam for saving his life. He’s not mentioned the name Samwell Tarly to Jon Snow or Daenerys, so Sam’s not getting his credit there for something he actually did...Although Sam is taking a little bit of credit for something that he didn’t do, he’s also not getting credit for something that he actually did, so I think in terms of the equilibrium, he’s getting just the right amount of credit from a slightly different source than he probably deserved."
I think I speak for everyone when I say...what?

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