Now We Can All Be The Gillys To The Mansplainers In Our Life

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Game Of Thrones.
The most infuriating part of this season of Game Of Thrones wasn't Cersei's (Lena Headey) betrayal or Viserion's transformation into an undead ice dragon, but the way Sam Tarly (John Bradley-West) kept totally stomping all over Gilly's (Hannah Murray) big discovery. First, he ignored her when she dropped the biggest twist of the season (that Rhaegar Targaryen annulled his marriage and was wed to Lyanna Stark in a secret ceremony, making Jon Snow a true Targaryen with a legitimate claim to the throne), and then, when he told Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) the news, he took full credit.
While it's too late for Gilly to get the credit she's due (at least, not until the final season, which probably won't air until 2019), at least you, dear reader, can take on the mansplainers in your life, since the Making Game Of Thrones website has posted Septon Maynard's full diary entry. This entry contains all the information Gilly read out loud, as well as some stuff she (thankfully) omitted, like his bowel movements.
While the handwriting is pretty hard to make out, Bustle managed to decipher the important parts. Written on the 280th day of Maynard's 50th year, the entry reads:
"Due to unforeseen events and … I have to … from setting down my records for… I have granted an annulment to Prince Rhaegar for his … marriage to Elia Martell and … his marriage to Lyanna Stark in Dorne. He forbid me to tell anyone of the ceremony so I shall never…1 bowel movement, post ceremony."
So next time the Samwell Tarly in your life decides to be a know-it-all, you can hit 'em with the facts. And also some stuff about poop.

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