Chrissy Teigen Is Doling Out Unconventional Thanksgiving Advice

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And, although many of us might still be in that phase of our lives where we’re going over to a relative’s house so they can feed us and send us home with several day’s worth of leftovers, we’re not opposed to getting some cooking and entertaining tips from Chrissy Teigen, ahead of the food holiday. While being interviewed recently for her November InStyle cover story, Teigen gave seven unique tips for how to make this year’s Thanksgiving the best one we’ve ever had. While some of her surprising tips are ones we would absolutely never use — she suggests making two roast chickens instead of turkey! — most of them pretty ingenious.
On Teigen’s list of seven Thanksgiving dinner pointers, coming in at number two is her advice that you should rent a fridge. Yes, she actually suggests renting an extra refrigerator. In her video for InStyle, the Cravings author explained, "I like cooking very early. I think I start about three days early. I get all my chopping done. There are a lot of Ziploc bags purchased. I fill up the fridge." Then, suddenly, pointing at the camera in realization, she continues, "I rent a fridge! That is crucial."
That may seem like a pretty wild idea, but Teigen broke down the details around renting a refrigerator, and it's actually not totally impractical. She said, "Like, renting a fridge is, I think, for like three months, I got one for $15. I was like 'what the? why doesn't everyone do this every year?'"
$15 really isn't a huge expense even for those of us who aren't supermodels, best selling authors, or married to a Grammy-winning musicians, and the expense may actually be worth it if the extra storage makes for more time to enjoy Thanksgiving day. However, for many of us, finding space for another whole refrigerator would be a real issue. Our apartments looks nothing like Chrissy's 8,520-square-foot home, but it's certainly something to aspire to.
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