The Halloween Movie To Watch Based On Your Sign

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
If you're going to believe in the Zodiac for one time during the year, let it be Halloween, when the lining between our realm and the supernatural realm is the thinnest. Or, at least, that's what the movies would have you believe. Halloween is the time when ghosts roam in mist-covered graveyards, and Ouija boards actually work. It's the time when we comb through Reddit boards for real-life ghost stories (actually, that's all the time).
Since it's October and something supernatural is in the air, you might as well take some serious stock in the personality traits given to you by the zodiac. We matched a Halloween movie with each of the 12 Zodiac signs. So, Cancers can curl up on the couch, as they like to do, with popcorn. Geminis can gather their entire sprawling friend group in their living room for a movie screening. And Sagittariuses can download their movie for a plane ride to their next destination.
There's a Halloween movie for everyone — go and find yours.
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