9 Ghost Sightings From Reddit That Will Creep You Out

In a recent paranormal Reddit discussion, parents shared stories about their children maybe, possibly, almost undeniably seeing ghosts. Like cats and dogs, children just seem to be more in touch with the other side than adults. Horror movies may have planted that idea into our minds, but these anecdotes totally back it up.
While a few Redditors offered stories of their children encountering friendly or well-meaning ghosts, others shared stories that could be the premise for one of those aforementioned horror movies. From kids seeing red-eyed men to toddlers giggling at dark, seemingly empty corners, these eerie tales will surely keep you up at night. At the very least, they'll reignite your childhood urge to check under your bed before going to sleep.
Come to think of it, if these kids aren't seeing ghosts, we shudder to think what they are seeing.
Click through to read some seriously scary ghost stories, courtesy of the parents, siblings, and babysitters of Reddit. And if creepy kids aren't your thing, maybe these terrifying ghost stories from R29ers are more your style.

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