Healthy Pizza-Flavored Chips Are Here To Win The Snack Game

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? A baked rice snack from munching company Rise Buddy. The small bag peaked my initial interest because of its comic book-looking, glossy design. Well that, and the fact that it read "Pizza Flavor" in a big bold dialog bubble on the front — and pizza is life. What were these punchily packaged, za-flavored rice bites before me? My team and I felt more than game to dig in and find out!
Once we had torn through the comic bag and down into the snackable goods at hand, it turned out that these baked rice “snacks” were texturally more similar to a baked rice chip. My tasters likened the small circular crisps to the mouthfeel of a Baked Lays' potato chip — only Rise Buddy’s take is made from 100% whole grain brown rice instead of potatoes. They were not too thin, not too thick, and had an enjoyable, light, and crunchy quality. As for that bold claim of pizza flavoring: at first bite the snacks' rice taste was present, but not overwhelming. As the flavor developed on our tastebuds, the pizza notes pushed forward with layered hints of oregano, touches of tomato, and even a teensy bit of cheesiness. It was like snacking on small, gluten-free, crunchy pizza discs. In short, it was wonderful.
Rise Buddy shells out three other savory flavor options: Sea Salt, BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion. And you can scoop your very own 12-bag, assorted case online for $18.
*Hot Tip: Dunk the pizza flavored crisps into softened cream cheese for a flavor and texture combo-explosion.
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