Eric Stonestreet Gushes Over His New Girlfriend

Photo: J. Merritt/Getty Images.
Eric Stonestreet has a new woman in his life, and he can’t stop gushing about her. Recently, while hanging out on The Ellen Show, the actor, who’s best known for his role as Cameron on Modern Family, opened up about the new romance.
When Stonestreet came to film his episode of the talk show, he actually brought his girlfriend along, and it sounds like she got Ellen’s stamp of approval. The host said, "So your girlfriend is lovely, I met her backstage."
Unlike with a lot of folks in Hollywood, Stonestreet’s new love isn’t involved in the entertainment industry at all. As the two continued talking about her, Ellen revealed that the girlfriend is actually a nurse. Always one to joke with her guests, especially Eric Stonestreet — y’all remember all the times he’s been pranked on her show, right — Ellen hilariously commented, "She’s a nurse. That's a good thing for you because you're a hypochondriac."
Stonestreet used Ellen's mention as an opportunity to brag about his girlfriend. He explained with faux intensity, "Yeah well she calms me. SHE CALMS ME. She calms my nerves. I’m a very high-strung person. You can tell, right?" The actor then hilariously screamed into the audience, "What are you looking at ma’am?!" and when Ellen pointed out that he might be scaring the audience member, he jokingly reassured her, "My nurse girlfriend will take care of you."
Last month, People first reported that Stonestreet was no longer single. The nurse who stole his heart is named Lindsay Schweitzer. It seems the relationship is still very new, as the pair first met at Kansas City's Big Slick charity weekend, which was held in June of this year. Just a few months of dating under their belts, and Stonestreet is already introducing her to Ellen? This must be the real deal.

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