Why Justin Timberlake’s Rumored Super Bowl Performance Is So Problematic

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
If rumors are to be believed (and you never know these days), Justin Timberlake might just be the next halftime performer at the 2018 Super Bowl. Us Weekly reports that the 26-year-old "is finalizing" a deal and people aren't exactly thrilled.
This wouldn't be Timberlake's first performance. Thirteen years ago he performed the same gig with Janet Jackson, causing an international incident when he accidentally ripped off part of her top, exposing her nipple. Jackson was then banned from the Grammys that following Sunday, and her career took a major hit while Timberlake's continued to flourish.
He also didn't share any responsibility for the incident — at least, not at first. As Gawker documented, he initially said he was "shocked and appalled," adding, "I don’t feel like I need publicity like this."
It took years before he realized he didn't handle things great, and even longer for him to say, "I wish I had supported Janet more."
So you can imagine how unfair it is that after all that, Janet Jackson remains blackballed while not only is Justin Timberlake fine — he gets to come back.
"if justin timberlake performs at the super bowl and doesn't bring out janet and apologize to her, we don't want it," Brittany Spanos wrote on Twitter, and almost everyone feels the same way.
"Justin Timberlake is welcomed back with open arms by the NFL to perform the SuperBowl but Janet Jackson was blackballed," another user wrote, accompanied by a GIF.
"If Justin Timberlake does Super Bowl halftime, Janet Jackson should get to come out & rip the ass of his pants off," writer Cassie St. Onge expertly suggested
"if Justin Timberlake is actually the super bowl half time performer the entire performance better be one long ass apology to Janet Jackson," another fan corroborated.
While this rumor is still just a rumor, let's hope people are listening to the outcry it's already created. We can, and should, do better.

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