The Booking Service That Could Change Your Fitness Game

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
If you've always wanted to try a fitness subscription service but have been intimidated by the prospect of pricey classes, fitness class booking service MindBody may have a solution for you.
Starting this week, the MindBody app, which allows users to find and book fitness and wellness services, will allow fitness studios to opt into a dynamic pricing option in which they can change the prices of their classes based on demand.
Previously, all class prices were static and set in advance. Now, if a studio opts in to dynamic pricing, the price of the class will automatically change — again, depending on demand.
If a studio chooses to do so, you might be able to save money if, say, they lower the cost of a class at the last minute. The algorithm can even factor in weather — for example, if it's a nice day outside, the app will lower prices to give people more incentive to come to class instead of soaking up the sun.
The new pricing method also means that users can pay-as-they-go, and is built to make things easier for those who may not want to commit to a recurring membership or who want a more affordable option. Essentially, it's designed to give people more choice, convenience, and flexibility in the fitness classes that they choose, giving people an option to drop in and try a variety of boutique classes.
"Dynamic pricing also solves a big pain point for people who don’t want to or can’t buy recurring gym or fitness studio memberships," a spokesperson tells Refinery29. "Because of the cost and terms, that model doesn’t work for everyone — especially those who are unwilling or unable to commit."
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