People On Twitter Can't Handle This Optical-Illusion Carpet

Artwork by Anna Jay.
Quick, what does this photo shared on Twitter earlier this morning remind you of? Perhaps a time warp, falling through space, or that horrible dream you always have that leaves you waking up in a cold sweat?
Well, it's a carpet in a record store. And no, those aren't sinkholes: It's a flat carpet that looks like an optical illusion.
Twitter could not handle this photo. Who designed this thing? Is it some sort of visual and psychological torture? Why is it in a record store? Are there still record stores? So many questions.
It immediately reminded us of Dr. Who, too.
Some people were truly creeped out by it.
Others had creative ideas.
A lot of people posted their own examples of optical illusions that are scary to walk on, like this flat pavement made to appear like a waterfall:
And this flat, tiled hallway floor, which is making us kind of queasy:
And this street in Portugal:
Mostly, we have to agree with this:

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