Crunchy Cassava Chips Are The Gluten-Free Snack We've Been Waiting For

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? A brightly colored bag of something called "Cassava Crunch," from food company Plant Snacks. Curious as to what exactly that is? So were we. As it turns out, cassava just happens to be another word for yuca, a root vegetable that is similar to a sweet potato or taro. Thus, this bag of crunch turned out to be a bag of yuca root chips, but not just any bag. These chips packed an unexpected one-two, flavor-texture punch that kept us going hand-to-mouth until the snack was decimated.
Unlike the paper-thin veggie chips we've munched on in the past, Plant Snacks yuca take had serious weight. The chips themselves were shaped more like square crackers, as opposed to usual triangular or circular chips, with a similarly smooth and thick cracker-like texture reminiscent of a Wheat Thin. The flavor was subtle but strong enough to elicit a cacophony of "Mmms!" from our team of tasters. We flocked to the Cheddar variety initially, and then we couldn't be stopped from tearing into each of the remaining four flavors: Beet with Goat Cheese, Seeds, Sea Salt, and Kale. Each option, though distinctly different in taste, had a similar buttery-smoothness. Cheddar reminded us most of the Goldfish crackers from our childhood snacking heydays, only all grown up in a gluten-free form with zero added sugar.
If you're ready to get your hands on one of these savory squares a.s.a.p., we've got you covered: Head on over to Plant Snacks' site to scoop up any of your selected flavor favorites for just $14.49 per three-pack.
*Hot Tip: Serve these cracker-like veggie chips up with a hummus spread — we're planning on dunking the Kale into some jalapeño-flavored hummus.
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