The New Tomb Raider Will Hold You Over Between Wonder Woman Movies

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images
It was only a matter of time before Lara Croft's tales of tomb raiding got the reboot treatment, and fortunately, the first trailer for the new Tomb Raider looks like a sufficiently fun ride. It might even be the thing we need to forget that the Wonder Woman sequel doesn't come out until the end of 2019.
The role of Lara Croft, who was formerly portrayed by Angelina Jolie, has been passed down to The Light Between Oceans star Alicia Vikander. While we don't know too much about how Croft's character — which originated in the Tomb Raider video games — will be different this time around, the two-minute trailer proves that she's capable of successfully dodging so many things that are trying to kill her.
Those things include weird spiky things hiding inside caves, massive ocean waves, and even the knives of her enemies. All in a day's work for a tomb raider, a job which, I hope, offers both salary and health benefits.
The new film will feature more than just unrelenting action. (Though, umm, there's plenty packed into this teaser.) Lara is searching for her missing (possibly dead?) father, whose very cryptic video sparks her to go on a quest, no matter how dangerous it seems.
"It'll be an adventure," Lara tells her less-enthused colleague of going through the Devil's Sea in order to locate her dad's last whereabouts.
"Death is not an adventure," he retorts, clearly never having heard that famous, highly tattooable Peter Pan quote.
Of course, even if Lara wanted to play it safe and catch up on Netflix, she can't. According to the YouTube synopsis, "the fate of humanity rests in her hands." No pressure, or anything.
Check out the trailer for the upcoming film below.

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