Alec Baldwin Thinks Game Of Thrones Is A Stoner Show

The past year has been an incredibly busy one for Alec Baldwin, who, in addition to dousing himself in orange makeup and portraying President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, has at least six new projects debuting by the end of 2018 and also is releasing a book.
Between work and spending time with his family, it's understandable that he doesn't have a lot of downtime to just kick back and watch TV. However, there is a difference between being too preoccupied to enjoy a show and completely writing off one of pop culture's most beloved series as stoner fodder.
In a recent interview with W Magazine, Baldwin did just that.
When asked which shows he's currently watching, the actor, whose impersonation of Trump earned him an Emmy on Sunday, had some odd things to say about Game of Thrones, a show he clearly has not closely watched.
"Well, I don't watch a lot of TV, I'm always behind. But I was with some friends at a Labor Day party and all of them were, I must say, smoking pot, drinking wine, and watching Game of Thrones," he said. "I think you have to really — maybe Game of Thrones is a real pothead show, I don't know, I don't smoke pot, but they seemed to love it. They just couldn't get enough of it. But I just started The Handmaid's Tale."
So let's get this straight: Baldwin, who does have a program on his queue, went out of his way to explain why GoT is "a real pothead show" because one time his friends watched it while high? This isn't Robot Chicken, man! People, both high and sober, love GoT because of the gruesome battles, the massive fire-breathing dragons, and the impressive amount of backstabbing (sometimes literal).
Above is a GIF of a ZOMBIE DRAGON taking down an enormous wall of ice so an undead army can embark on a mission to destroy the living. You do not have to be high to appreciate just how badass that is. Although, you totally could be if you wanted to. I'm not here to shame people for smoking weed.
My mission, rather, is simply to encourage people to do a little digging before casually insulting a show with millions of fans. After all, the Lannisters are probably listening, and they always pay their debts.

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