Everything Leaving Netflix In October

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At this point, we all already knew that this month was bringing the end of 30 Rock on Netflix — but nobody mentioned that Love Actually would be leaving as well. Yes, that Love Actually. The movie I watch every year the moment the clock turns from October to November. The movie that basically makes or breaks the holiday season. Apparently, Netflix is getting into the spirit early by being the ultimate scrooge and removing the 2003 Christmas classic just as the whole world was gearing up to watch it.
There are some other punches to the gut coming this month as well. Friday Night Lights is getting axed, as well as Across The Universe and Titanic. TV shows in general aren't faring too well this time around, with Malcolm In The Middle, Bones, and Louie (among others) also saying goodbye as Netflix culls another sweep of titles in preparation for all the new content being added (in fact, if you want to know exactly how they choose what leaves, you can read about it over here).
However, understanding it doesn't make it any less devastating, and this is gearing up to be one of the scariest Octobers yet. Is this all some elaborate trick in honor of the holiday? Will our beloved Love Actually and 30 Rock be returned to us once Netflix gets a whiff of the Thanksgiving spirit? Or, let's hope this means they have something even better up their sleeves.
Read the full list of titles leaving Netflix in October ahead!

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