Mario Batali Is Cooking In Yeezys Instead Of Crocs

Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images.
It's the end of an era for celebrity chef Mario Batali. Known for his straightforward approach to the culinary arts as much as his undying love of a particular shoe, Batali dropped a major footwear bomb in a recent interview with GQ. Gone are the days of his signature orange Croc...because Batali says he's moved on to Yeezys.
Yes, the gastro maestro ditched a shoe that's all about access and the everyman for one of the most exclusive kicks on the market.
"I'm away from Crocs now. I’m onto the Yeezys, just this week. And I will wear them everywhere," Batali told GQ. "Crocs are very comfortable — there's nothing wrong with Crocs — it's just that I'm moving on."
There's no news out on what exactly happened to the 200 pairs of orange Crocs that he stockpiled back in 2013. Perhaps Batali wore out every last one? That would explain his recent upgrade to the covetable Kanye West-designed sneaker. There isn't any photographic evidence of Batali wearing Yeezys (Does he have the zebra colorway? Maybe Beluga? There isn't an orange option just yet.) but knowing how the footwear fanatic likes to stunt, it shouldn't take long. And as for stocking up, it'll be pretty tough for Batali to amass a hoard of Yeezys the way that he did with those orange clogs, though it seems like celebs may have less trouble than normals when it comes to procuring a pair...or a couple hundred pairs.
Batali also told the men's magazine that he never, ever checks his luggage, no matter how long the trip. He only brings one pair of shoes, too, so take it from a pro: Yeezys go with everything.
Though when you're one of the biggest chefs in the world, the rules really don't apply.
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