Shay Mitchell's New Show Sounds Eerily Familiar

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
We've hardly had time to miss Pretty Little Liars, and already it seems we'll get to see at least one of our Rosewood faves thrown back into a creepy, paranoid-making scenario that will keep us up at night.
PLL fans already thought Mitchell's upcoming Lifetime series You sounded pretty familiar, but the actress assured us that her character Peach is completely different from Emily Fields. “[Peach] is known to be not the nicest, so she is quote un-quote the 'mean girl,' but you know she does have a love for Beck, the main character, and you'll see that," Mitchell told Entertainment Tonight. "She has, um, a very interesting relationship with her.”
Still, we suspect there will be something there to remind viewers of the Freeform series' vibe nonetheless. In fact, after playing good girl Emily for seven seasons, it's not hard to imagine why Mitchell would want to have a little fun with the more Alison-like Peach. Variety described Mitchell's new character "as the controlling queen bee of Beck’s inner circle of privileged friends."
The Lifetime series is based on Caroline Kepnes' 2014 novel by the same name, which is a thoroughly creepy story about a bookstore employee named Joe (Penn Badgley) who uses social media to find out everything he can about an intriguing customer named Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Armed with information, he makes himself into her perfect boyfriend. Even though Mitchell's character isn't the object of Joe's stalking, just reading the plotline gives us the same "somebody's watching" chills A's antics once did.
You is going to have just 10 episodes, leaving Mitchell's schedule open for other projects included in her production company's multi-year deal with Warner Bros. ET thinks that means there could be a PLL spinoff in the works, to which she answered, “Anything is possible in Rosewood, right?”
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