The Scariest Part Of Mother! Isn't What You Think

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This post contains mild spoilers about mother!. Read at your own risk!
What's the most terrifying thing about Darren Aronofsky's new thriller, mother!, you ask? It's not the blood-filled broken lightbulb we see in the trailer. Nor is it the fact that Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem's characters' first houseguest, a man played by Ed Harris, thinks Lawrence is Bardem's daughter, and not his wife.
No, the most terrifying part of mother! comes courtesy of Michelle Pfeiffer's character (identified only as "woman" on IMDB). When Pfeiffer comes to the couple's house, she makes herself at home by whipping up a fresh batch of lemonade, using an old family recipe that apparently involves a significant amount of alcohol. She brings a glass to Lawrence, who's busy painting a wall of the house. Before Lawrence can come down from the ladder she's using, Pfeiffer plunks the lemonade down on the table in front of her, with nary a coaster in sight.
The camera cuts to Lawrence's character, who's clearly bothered by the terribly thoughtless sight, though she restrains herself from saying anything. But the look on her face says it all. Not only is she troubled by the appearance of her uninvited houseguests, who are way too comfortable in her home, but she's clearly disturbed by the lemonade situation. That booze-filled lemon water is definitely going to leave a ring on her fancy table, throwing off the home's entire aesthetic that she worked so hard for.
Placing a glass straight onto a table without a coaster is far from the worst thing Pfeiffer and the couple's other houseguests do. But it's one of the earliest examples of Bardem's characters fans taking what doesn't belong to them — and in this case, that's his and his wife's home itself.
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