There Are Two Confirmed New Characters Coming In Game of Thrones Season 8

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Game of Thrones won't be returning until 2018 (maybe even 2019!), but information about season 8 is beginning to trickle in. The show is currently beginning production, which means casting is ramping up for bit and major characters. Though in Game of Thrones, even minor characters can be incredibly consequential. And according to Elle, Watchers on the Wall, and Project Casting, we've got two new characters coming to Westeros, with each source giving us a different piece of the puzzle.
The casting notice, curiously, calls for two children: a young Northern girl, between ages 8-10, who is described as having been raised in a family of soldiers and is "very nice stand-out part for a strong-minded young girl with a fighting spirit."
The next role is for a boy about the same age. He's described as physically fit and having a distinctive face. The boy is said to be from a poor background. The actor also needs to "completely own the scenes that he appears in," and that's scenes plural. It looks like we may see lots of this little boy running around Westeros.
Who could these characters be? Hold on to your dragon spines, we're going on a wild ride through Speculation's Landing.
-Re-cast of Lyanna Mormont? Unlikely, given her popularity among fans. Though her IMBD page leaves plenty of room available for Game of Thrones, scheduling conflicts are always a possibility.
-A younger sister of Lyanna Mormont? In the books, Lyanna does have a sister named Jorelle, but Lyanna is the youngest Mormont in her generation.
-Another female member of House Karstark? We show Jon Snow ask for the fealty of Alys Karstarks after her family betrayed the Starks to fight for the Boltons, so we assume we're going to see more of them.
-Is Ollie coming back? He's the young boy that killed Jon Snow, and we remember him for being seriously creepy. Yes, he was executed, but is anyone on this show ever really dead?
-Fake Aegon Targaryen? In the books, Varys puts up another Targaryen heir named Aegon, who is Rhaegar's first son, as a secret heir. The age of the child doesn't fit, but incest has a way of explaining these things away.
-A young boy in King's Landing, perhaps another bastard of King Robert? It's not that far of a stretch - in the books, the King is rumored to have fathered up to 16 children.
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