Why Game Of Thrones Is Filming Multiple Endings To Its Final Season

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
There's only six episodes to go in the Game of Thrones series, which means we don't have much time left to learn about the fate of our friends in Westeros. Who's going to sit on the Iron Throne? Will it matter anyway, after the frozen zombie army descends? Will Jon Snow finally learn something? We are going to freak out if the series' final season doesn't neatly wrap up the myriad of mysteries in this show.
No date has been announced for Game of Thrones to return to HBO (pray we won't have to wait until 2019). But we have learned that the show will be filming multiple endings, just to throw off spoiler hunters and hackers.
There is an entire cottage industry devoted to sussing out show spoilers. Spoiler seekers are known to send camera-equipped drones into locked-down show settings, show up at bars were drunken crew may be congregating, and pretend to be extras hired on set as background characters. Some of their methods are ingenious, but none is as devastating to the show runners as hacking. Game of Thrones had several episodes leaked in its 7th season, and fans who like spoilers are only hungry for more.
Game of Thrones isn't the only show beset by this annoyance. The Walking Dead famously filmed different versions of the season 6/7 ending, in order to throw up spoiler seekers. Even the actors didn't know which ending was the correct one. Assuming hackers manage to get a hold of the Game of Thrones alternate endings, it would still be difficult to determine which one is going to air.
Let's think of the many filmed Game of Thrones endings as the tesseract scene in Interstellar: each outcome no more or less valid, all swimming in a void occurring at the same time and space. Who knows, it's better than some of the more bummer theories out there.
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