Kit Harington Admits He Did A Terrible Job Keeping Jon Snow’s Fate A Secret

Kit Harington wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the fate of Jon Snow. But the Game Of Thrones actor did manage to let it slip to his mom, his dad, his girlfriend and...a police officer. While on The Tonight Show, Harington revealed to host Jimmy Fallon that he was pretty good about keeping one of the biggest secrets in TV history — until he was caught speeding. "I was driving back from my parent's house and I was driving too fast," he said. "I was being a bit naughty, I was going over the speed limit."
Harington says he heard the sirens going off behind him. When the cop came to his window, he told Harington that his too-fast driving was a "bookable offense." The cop then gave him two choices: Harington could either follow him back to the police station so he could book him, or, as the actor explained, he could tell this stranger if he lives in the next season of the show. "And I laughed," Harington said, explaining that the cop's face was stone cold. "He said, 'I have to tell you, whether I take you into the police station depends on what your answer is.'" So, yes, to get out of a ticket, Harington revealed that Jon Snow was in fact not really dead to this clever officer. Clearly this is what the officer wanted to hear, letting him go by saying, "On your way, Lord Commander." It seems, for once, Ygritte was proved wrong; Jon Snow did know something, after all.

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