Being Mary Jane Recap Season 4, Episode 19: Feeling Seen

Just as we thought the Patterson family was getting their act straight, another bombshell dropped – Paul (Richard Roundtree) isn’t Patrick’s (Richard Brooks) real father. While he’s dealing with that in Atlanta, Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is caught up in her own drama. The episode starts off with Mary Jane and her man, Justin Talbot (Michael Ealy), reuniting after his trip to Paris. She can’t even focus the next morning, but not in a good way. She’s worried that she and Justin lack intimacy. Namely, he doesn’t look her in the eyes when they have sex. Kara (Lisa Vidal) finds this to be a non-issue. She’s much more focused on getting Dani out of the picture and doing well on this primetime special. But Justin’s intimacy is the least of MJ’s problems with him.
He very casually lets her know that Simone’s sister, Tiffany, will probably reach out to Mary Jane at some point. Why? She keeps trying to convince Justin to keep the $30 million dollars for himself and not donate it to charity. Mary Jane promises Justin that she won’t entertain that ludicrous idea. Secretly, there’s no way in hell she’s letting him donate all that money.
While her auntie is being immature, Niecy Patterson (Raven Goodwin) has her life together. Her salon job is going great, her child-sharing with Amika is seriously helping out, and that carseat business she set up helps so many mothers. Now, she’s spreading some of that wisdom to her dad. Patrick is still upset that Paul isn’t his real dad, so Niecy finally sets him straight, too.
“You mad ‘cause that old drunk guy didn’t raise you?” she says to Patrick. “Not only did grandpa take you in, he took in your children and grandchildren, and called them his own. That does not deserve the silent treatment. You really need to get over yourself.”
With Garrett (Ashton Holmes) promoted, it was only a matter of time before Kara or Justin took the executive producer chair. However, the other executives had another plan. Enter Pete Binswanger (Robert Pralgo) from the theme parks division. Justin describes him as a “risk taking, hyper-confident white male.”
Although they’ve been competing for the same job, Justin and Kara decide to team up. Mary Jane stays out of it. There’s no way she’s choosing between her boyfriend and her best friend.
Instead, she suggests a plan to take Pete and Dani (Victoria Staley) out in one fell swoop. Feed Dani a story she can’t resist, have Pete produce it, and when Dani goes under, she takes Pete with her. They bicker for a while, but Kara and Justin finally get it together enough to convince Pete to handle Dani. Now, they wait.
In Atlanta, Niecy’s perfect little world comes crumbling down. When she goes to Amika’s (Marshay Weaver) to pick up her kids, there’s some strange man in the house watching them. Amika walks in with another dude and is surprised to see Niecy so mad. Not one, but two strange men around her kids? Niecy pulls the plug. No more child-sharing.
Patrick has been helping out a young member of the Black Lives Matter movement. They met when DeRay came to give a speech and Jovan (Tian Richards) was heckling him for being gay. Now, Patrick has him under his wing. When they get to the meeting, Jovan completely ignores another guy who says hello. Patrick thinks there’s beef between them, but it’s kind of the opposite. After the meeting, he catches them kissing. Now, things are starting to make sense. Look at Being Mary Jane tackling homophobia in black America! Go, BMJ! When Patrick sees Jovan again, he reminds him that there’s nothing to be ashamed about.
At the next pitch meeting, Pete brings up the story Justin and Kara gave him. Dani immediately bites. It’s about a “red-blooded American woman” who fixes up houses in the south. But that’s not all.
Meanwhile, Tiffany contacts Mary Jane. Justin really doesn’t want to see her. Obviously, Mary Jane needs to know more. She showed way too much restraint when it came to Justin’s iPad. Now, she’s letting loose.
On air, Dani finds out that the woman who restores small-town Texas houses uses refugees as workers. And when the houses are ready, they live in the homes, too. In the end, Dani ends up agreeing that Muslim refugees should be able to find homes in the United States. She’s furious. Afterward, she tries to blame Kara and MJ, but it wasn’t even their story idea, was it? It was Pete’s. Dani complains about Pete to the higher-ups which prompts lead anchor Aaron to complain, and Mary Jane throws in her two cents. By the end of the day, Pete is packed up and heading home.
Mary Jane has a little surprise for Justin as they unwind at a bar. Tiffany shows up! Mary Jane gets the info she needs out of her: Simone was no saint and Tiffany doesn’t think that Justin is really over her. The only way to know for sure is for Justin to spend the $30 million.
Later that night, Mary Jane confronts Justin. She’s used to being the one who screws up the relationship. Justin can’t just steal that from her. They argue until he breaks down and confesses. Simone didn’t just die from cancer. She begged Justin to let her die. So, he upped her medicine until she did. He’s been holding onto the secret for years and now he can finally let go. Mary Jane comforts him. That night, they lay down and he looks her in the eyes.
Though she’s flying high about her relationship, MJ’s prime time special is going down. Pete traded info about the special for a cushy job at another network. So, no Michelle Obama, no Beyoncé, and no prime time special. This time, it’s Justin’s turn to comfort. He later reveals to Tiffany that he loves Mary Jane! In fact, it’s nothing but love for the Pattersons tonight! When Patrick comes home, he apologizes to Paul, and the two make up.
After a sweet moment with Justin, Ty (Julian Walker) and Aaliyah (Raney Branch) come over to play games with Mary Jane. The festivities are interrupted when Mary Jane gets an unsolicited call from Garrett. He feels bad about the prime time special and offers her a gift. It’s not roses or chocolate or anything she can return if she doesn’t like it. It’s the ability to vote for the next executive producer of Good Day, USA.
“Either my best friend or my boyfriend is gonna end up hating me,” she realizes.
With only one episode left in season 4, I can only imagine what kind of chaos will ensue. Knowing this show, let’s just hope everyone makes it out alive and in one piece.
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