A Mom Was Forced To Deliver Her Own Baby During Hurricane Irma

Timing is everything, but as many parents will tell you, babies don't wait for anyone. Which is why one mom found herself going into labor in the midst of Hurricane Irma — with paramedics unable to go out into the storm to help her.
The mom, who lives in Little Haiti, delivered her baby on Sunday morning with help from paramedics via phone, according to the Miami Herald.
"We weren’t able to respond," assistant fire chief Eloy Garcia told the Miami Herald. "So she delivered the placenta, also. Dispatch told her how to tie it off. She’s stable at home. "We made contact with the assistant medical director here. Talked things through."
Let's just say that if this mom wanted a career in midwifery, this is a hell of a resume point.
The mother's identity is unknown, but the Miami-Dade police tweeted that officers were able to help her and her baby, named Nayiri Storm, out to the hospital as soon as it was safe for everyone to travel, and brought the both of them back to a hotel afterwards.
As it turns out, Nayiri wasn't the only baby born during the storm — as People reports, a different mother gave birth to her baby on her bathroom floor, who she named April. This mother, however had help from her own mom, and rescue crews were able to make it to her home just as the baby was being delivered.
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