Why Are Outlander's Sex Scenes So Good? The Kilts

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What makes a good sex scene? The answer to that question has been speculated amongst many shows, but there hasn't been one answer. But now, we may finally have a clue to what makes them so watchable on Outlander.
Caitriona Balfe was asked about the show's much-lauded sex scenes when she appeared Thursday night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Her answer was not what we expected to hear, but makes sense considering the premise of the show.
The first and second seasons of Outlander take place, in part, in 18th century Scotland. It's there that we see Claire Randall battle unknown dangers and navigate a world vastly different from hers as a married nurse during World War II. Stuck in a different era than her husband, she is forced to marry Highland warrior, Jamie Frasier, and a passionate relationship begins. Season 3 will be set in two different times and multiple locations and apparently feature some very different sex.
Colbert asked her, "What makes your sex scenes so much better than other shows?" He jokingly suggested that it may be because Balfe's character, Claire Randall, is a nurse and her on-the-job knowledge may come in handy during intimate moments on the show. But as Balfe noted, that wasn't quite it.
She responded, "She's great with anatomy, and the men wear kilts so there's easy access."
It seems like the kilts we're seeing on the show are more than just historically accurate — they're the key for ensuring that the sex scenes are the best on television right now.
Outlander returns this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.
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