Why This Back-To-School Meme Is Going Viral

Photographed by Christy Kurtz.
There are a lot of differences between high school and college. In high school, you might play on a sports team. In college, you might play on the competitive 4 a.m. pizza-eating team. In high school, you have to be in class at an ungodly early hour. In college, rolling out of bed at 10:30 a.m. seems like an accomplishment. While these aren't true across the board, college generally requires more self-motivation. You are, after all, technically an adult.
Since the school year has just started, there are a lot of new incoming college freshmen, discovering what life on campus is all about. And, judging by a meme that's making its rounds on social media (spotted on BuzzFeed), scores of them have discovered one key difference between high school and college — that college professors tend to be a lot more lenient than high school teachers.
We sure don't remember being able to use Wikipedia as research in college...
Hm, our only field trips were to the library in the middle of the night when our roommates sexiled us.
You will definitely not be lucky enough to get college profs who use the same style guide as your high school teachers.
Josh is probably a grad student. And he's hungover.
College profs are definitely more likely to curse in front of you. It's not like your parents or the school board will come after them.
That sounds accurate.
Their illusions may soon be shattered. Just wait until you have to write your first 30-page paper...

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