10 Apple Cider Products For When You're Ready For Fall To Be Here Already

With all respect to pumpkin spice, it's hard to beat good old apples when it comes to fall foods. Blame the abundance of pick-your-own orchards and the general deliciousness of apple pie, but we can't help looking at a bushel of apples and thinking of crisp breezes and cozy layers.
While we tend to enjoy apples as snacks year-round, there are some apple foods that really are reserved for the last few months of the year. Apple pies, caramel apples, and, of course, apple cider. Unlike apple juice, apple cider is unfiltered, making the drink thicker and also more perishable, often because it's not pasteurized. It's easy to find apple juice year-round, however, come spring, cider soon disappears from shelves again.
If you're wanting to celebrate your apple cider love beyond just a glass of the stuff, or if you're looking for a way to extend the beverage's shelf life, don't worry. Here are eleven products that allow you to enjoy apple cider all year long, even if you don't have a jug if it in your fridge at all times.

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