Is Winter Anderson's Wardrobe Offering Up A Major AHS: Cult Clue?

Photo: FX.
After just one episode of American Horror Story: Cult, fans are already spinning their own theories and looking at every second of footage under their microscopes.
One theory, pointed out by PopSugar, delved into some details of Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) that may connect her to a real-life cult, making for a very dangerous proposition for the characters around her.
Viewers got a taste of Anderson's chilly look (the icy hair really drives that point home) and her unusual relationship with brother Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) in the season premiere. But even before fans got a glimpse of her devotion to Hillary Clinton and love of the macabre, the show's posters offered up one more detail: her outfit. PopSugar reports that redditor frizzymcgee noticed a similarity between Winter's bohemian outfit and the outfits that Manson family members Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten wore. Even the long, wavy hair recalls the women's look. Her outfit appears to be a mashup of Manson family signatures, right down to the peasant details and quilted vest.
It's not too much of a stretch for the show, considering it's called Cult. But there's even more. PopSugar reports that Peters is set to play Charles Manson himself in a flashback sequence sometime this season, which lends some credence to frizzymcgee and other theorists drawing a connection between Winter and the Manson family.
It's possible that Ryan Murphy and his wardrobe team are hinting at the dangers beneath Winter's icy artifice. Knowing how the super-producer likes to weave in as many details as possible, it's only a matter of time before viewers find out of this is coincidence or confirmation of the cultish connection.
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